Traditional and modern techniques to make printing in platinum/palladium consistent, relaxing and profitable.

digital negatives

A platinum master printer shares his knowledge about professionally contact printing in platinum and other alternative processes either traditionally or from digital negatives (*).

All the experience and tricks from successfully making AND selling thousands of fine art pt-pd prints in galleries, online and at auction are exposed in a clear and concise (39 pages), straight-to-the-point publication.

Hundreds of copies purchased, especially from the Apug community. For just $9.99, you will learn:
…fully illustrated with Luca’s images to inspire you!

Another academic book? No thanks!

luca paradisiThis book is not the usual (i.e. boring) alternative-processes manual with the history of the process and all the different options, developers, chemicals, techniques etc. that leave you WITHOUT A CLUE on what is best and what it will work for you. This unique book goes STRAIGHT TO THE POINT on how to make great prints keeping your finances under control and consequently being able to make a profit. The book is a starting point for those interested in fine art printmaking as a business, but of course it will also interest those hobbyists who print for themselves.

A must have for anyone interested in making gallery quality contact prints!

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digital negativesInstant DIGITAL DOWNLOAD after the payment!
Four files – suitable for PC and Mac – in one 5Mb zip file you will find:
  1. E-book in pdf format.
  2. Photoshop curve (to be loaded as a Preset from the Curves Panel in Photoshop).
  3. Excel spreadsheet with mounting formulas. If you mount your prints yourself this one alone is worth the price!
  4. Step wedge to calibrate your curve.
(*)The publication will be especially useful to those practitioners starting from scratch, or coming to the process from other darkroom techniques such as silver, but even experienced printmakers will find it useful. Also, the book explains in details the platinotype process, but the techniques discussed can be applied to other alternative contact printing processes. Finally, the book is mostly geared towards those printing (or considering printing) from digital negatives.

About the author

luca paradisiLuca Paradisi strong interest in traditional and large format photography techniques and high quality prints started first with silver gelatin enlargements, then contact printing in platinum-palladium. He has been working in platinum for many years, both for himself and for others. Since 1999 he has been offering his work also on the Internet, where he’s been avidly collected. In 2007 he wrote this publication, enjoying a warm welcome. In 2010, for a number of reasons, he ceased printing and he is now pursuing other interests. This book is meant to show how an artist, working with expensive materials, can make beautiful prints keeping costs under control. (this website) has been Luca’s main gallery for a long time. Now it is dedicated to the e-book only. Those coming here from an old link or bookmark can view his photographic work visiting these websites (which are not updated anymore but still worth a look!):

fine art prints


Black and white photographic artwork including landscapes from Ireland, abstracts photos, still life & architectural photography. Fine art prints are not for sale anymore.

fine art nudes


Web site showing black and white photographic nudes and tasteful erotic photography. Fine art prints are not for sale anymore.

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